Is there a similar functionality? Hint for convolution groups.

  • In 1С:Enterprise v7.7 this functionality is present. see screenshot.
    And the editor in 1C is based on Scintilla
    Useful for long program texts.

  • @TroshinDV

    if you mean natively, then no.
    Scintilla offers dwellstart and dwellend events which could be
    used to detect the position of the mouse. Together with a calltip you could build your solution I guess.

  • I’m not sure what is being requested here.
    A popup tip for a long section of text where the first line is undented and the rest of the lines making up the section is indented, where the tip shows the first and last lines of the section with ... between??

  • @Alan-Kilborn When you move the mouse pointer to the folding line, a popup pops up with the first and last line of the folding zone, demonstration:
    alt text

    this allows you to see the headers of hidden loops (for, while, etc.) and ifs.
    Is there such functionality, for example, a plugin?

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