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  • Hi, I want to try to write a Software Requirements Specification document (SRS) about Notepad++. Is there maybe already one?
    Thank you.

  • @apantzar ,

    I doubt that the developer ever went through the process of writing an SRS document for this application, since it started as a hobby project for a tool that he wanted to use for himself, and share with others.

    Writing a SRS after the application has existed for more than a decade seems like a strange idea, unless you were trynig to make that project fit within some corporation’s structure (which is unnecessary for Notepad++, since it’s not produced by a corporation, and I cannot imagine the developer ever selling it to a corporation) or if you were in a class where you were assigned the homework of writing an SRS for some existing piece of software, so that you could learn the process.


    1. if it’s for personal learning (since you said “I want to try…”), it would not be helpful for us to give you the answer before you’ve given it a go, because then you’d rob yourself of the process of writing the document yourself
    2. if it’s homework, it would be wrong of us to give you the answer to the problem you were asked to solve
    3. if it’s because you’re going to try to pass off the Notepad++ codebase to your employer or the entity who contracted your services as something you wrote for them, but they require you to have an SRS first, so you were hoping to get that for free, too, then that’s not a good idea for us, either

    Since I hope for the best in others, I’ll stick with the reply #1, assuming that this is for personal unassigned learning. If your goal was to compare your SRS for Notepad++ to someone else’s, then maybe I’d suggest you write up the SRS, publish it here first, then ask if anyone else has done the same and was interested in publishing theirs as well, to be able to publically compare the results, and get a critique from people who know the software for them to say whether or not your SRS would have accurately defined

  • @PeterJones Thank you for your answer, I asked if Notepad++ has already SRS because I want to write SRS for a project that does not have one.

  • @apantzar said in SRS Document:

    because I want to write SRS for a project that does not have one.

    That’s not what you said in your first post. But if that’s really the case, good for you.

    As I said, I don’t think such a document exists for Notepad++. Sorry

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