Bug: sometimes when opening a file by double click, syntax is not highlighted

  • Hello, sometimes (quite often) when I double-click on a file to open it (and Notepad++ is already running and has other files opened), the new file is displayed in N++ but the syntax is not colored. I updated N++ today but this bug is still present. If I close N++ and re-double-click on my files, it opens correctly and syntax is highlighted.

  • Hi, this problem persists, or better it worsened. It is strange that no one else noticed this bug. I’m using v7.5.9.
    Now EVERY time I double-click on a file to edit it in Notepad++, and NPP is already open, syntax is not highlighted. While if I drag’n’drop the same file on the NPP window, syntax highlighting is applied correctly.
    Please fix this annoying bug! :-)

  • @niente0

    This link describes how bug reports and feature requests are properly made. Please search for an already existing issue that is the same as your problem before creating a new one…

  • Thank you, I’ll report this issue on bugtracker as suggested!

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